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Substance and Method Number CAS Number(s) Instrument / Sampler
Safrotin; PV2050; Partially Validated 31218-83-4 GC/ECD; GFF
Scopolamine Methyl Nitrate; PV2144; Partially Validated 6106-46-3 LC/UV; GFF
Selenium; ID121Fully Validated 7782-49-2 AA; MCEF
Selenium; ID133SG; Partially Validated 7782-49-2 IC; MCEF
Sevin; 63; Fully Validated 63-25-2 HPLC/UV; OVS-2
Silica; ID142Fully Validated   X-Ray Diffraction; Low Ash PVC with Cyclone
Silver; ID121Fully Validated 7440-22-4 AA; MCEF
Sodium; ID121Fully Validated 7440-23-5 AA; MCEF
Sodium Azide; ID211Fully Validated 26628-22-8 IC/UV; Silica Gel coated with Sodium Hydroxide
Sodium Dichloroisocyanuric Acid; ID101SG; Partially Validated   ISE; PTFE Filter followed with bubbler containing Sulfamic Acid
Soils; ID194; Fully Validated   Bulk
Solders; ID206Fully Validated   ICP; MCEF
Stannous-2-Ethyl Hexanoate; ID221SG; Partially Validated 7440-31-5 AA/HGA; GFF
Styrene; 9; Fully Validated 100-42-5 GC/FID; CSC
Styrene; 89; Fully Validated 100-42-5 GC/FID; CSC coated with TBC
Sulfur Dioxide; 1011; Fully Validated 7446-09-5 IC/glass sampler containing: untreated GFF;sodium carbonate coated GFF;silica gel, two sections (200/200 mg) coated with silver nitrate.
Sulfur Dioxide; ID104; Fully Validated 7446-09-5 IC; Bubbler with Hyrdogen Peroxide
Sulfur Dioxide - Backup Data (ID104)    
Sulfur Dioxide; ID200; Fully Validated 7446-09-5 IC; Anasorb 747 coated with Potassium Hydroxide
Sulfuric Acid; ID165SG; Partially Validated 7664-93-9 IC; Silica Gel
Sulfuric Acid; ID113; Partially Validated 7664-93-9 IC; MCEF
Sulprofos; PV2037; Partially Validated 35400-43-2 GC/FPD; OVS-2

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