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Substance and Method Number CAS Number(s) Instrument / Sampler
Hafnium; ID121Fully Validated 7440-58-6 AA; MCEF
Halothane; 29; Fully Validated 151-67-71 GC/FID; CSC
Halothane; 103; Fully Validated 13838-16-9 GC/FID; Anasorb CMS or Anasorb 747
Heptachlor; PV2029; Partially Validated 76-44-8 GC/ECD; OVS-2
n-Heptane; 7 142-82-5 GC/FID; CSC
Hexachloroethane; 7 67-72-1 GC/FID; CSC
1,6-Hexamethylene Diisocyanate; 42; Fully Validated 822-06-0 HPLC/FL; GFF coated with 12PP
1,6-Hexamethylene Diisocyanate; W4002; Fully Validated 822-06-0 HPLC/FL; Ghost Wipes (dry)
Hexamethylene Diisocyanate Biuret; PV2030; Partially Validated 4035-89-6 HPLC/FL; GFF coated with 12PP
1,6-Hexamethylene Diisocyanate Homopolymer; PV2125; Partially Validated 28182-81-2 HPLC/FL; GFF coated with 1-2PP
1,6-Hexanediol Diacrylate; PV2133; Partially Validated 13048-33-4 GC/FID; Chromosorb 106
n-Hexane; 7 110-54-3 GC/FID; CSC
2-Hexanone; PV2031; Partially Validated 591-78-6 GC/FID; CSC
Hexavalent Chromium; ID215 Version 2; Fully Validated 18540-29-9 IC/UV-vis; PVC filter (or binderless quartz fiber filter coated with sodium hydroxide for chromium plating only)
Hexavalent Chromium; W4001; Fully Validated 1333-82-0 IC; PVC or binderless quartz fiber filter
Hexavalent Chromium; ID215; Fully Validated 18540-29-9 IC/UV-vis; PVC filter
Hexavalent Chromium; ID103; Fully Validated (Superseded by ID215) 18540-29-9 Polarography; PVC
Chromium, Hexavalent - Backup (ID103)    
Hexone; 1004; Fully Validated 108-10-1 GC/FID; CSC, SKC 575-002 or 3M 3520
sec-Hexyl Acetate; 7 108-84-9 GC/FID; CSC
Hexylene Glycol; PV2101; Partially Validated 107-41-5 GC/FID; CSC
HMX; PV2032; Partially Validated 2691-41-0 HPLC/UV; GFF
Hydrazine; 20; Fully Validated 302-01-2 HPLC/UV; GasChrom R coated with Sulfuric Acid
Hydrazine; 108; Fully Validated 302-01-2 HPLC/UV; GFF coated with Sulfuric Acid
Hydrazoic Acid; ID211; Fully Validated 7782-79-8 IC/UV; Silica Gel coated with Sodium Hydroxide
Hydrogen Bromide; ID165SG; Partially Validated 10035-10-6 IC; Silica Gel
Hydrogen Chloride; ID174SG; Partially Validated 7647-01-0 IC; Silica Gel
Hydrogen Cyanide; ID120; Fully Validated 74-90-8 ISE-CN; MCEF followed by NaOH impinger
Hydrogen Fluoride; ID110; Fully Validated   ISE; MCEF
Hydrogen Peroxide; ID006Partially Validated 7722-84-1 Spectrophotometer; Bubbler with Titanium Oxysulfate
Hydrogen Peroxide; ID126SG; Partially Validated 7722-84-1 Differential Pulse Polarography; Impinger with Titanium Oxysulfate
Hydrogen Sulfide; 1008; Fully Validated 7783-06-4 IC/glass sampler containing: untreated GFF;sodium carbonate coated GFF;silica gel, two sections (200/200 mg) coated with silver nitrate.
Hydrogen Sulfide; ID141; Fully Validated 7783-06-4 Polarography; Whatman 4 coated with Silver Nitrate
Hydrogen Sulfide - Backup (ID141)    
Hydroquinone; PV2094; Partially Validated 123-31-9 GC/FID; XAD-7 coated with Phosphoric Acid
2-Hydroxypropyl Acrylate; PV2078; Partially Validated 999-61-1 GC/FID; CSC coated with TBC

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