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Substance and Method Number CAS Number(s) Instrument / Sampler
Cadmium; 1006; Fully Validated 7440-43-9 ICP/MS; Mixed cellulose ester filter
(0.8 g)
Cadmium; ID105; Fully Validated 7440-43-9 AAS; Mixed cellulose ester filter
(0.8 g)
Cadmium; ID121; Fully Validated 7440-43-9 AA; MCEF
Cadmum; ID125G; Fully Validated 7440-43-9 ICP; MCEF
Cadmium; ID189; Fully Validated 7440-43-9 AA/HGA; MCEF
Cadmium; ID206; Fully Validated 7440-43-9 ICP; MCEF
Calcium; ID121; Fully Validated 7440-70-2 AA; MCEF
Camphor; 7 76-22-2 GC/FID; CSC
Captan; PV2093; Partially Validated 133-06-2 HPLC/UV; OVS-2
Caprolactam; PV2012; Partially Validated 105-60-2 HPLC/UV; OVS-7
Carbaryl; 63; Fully Validated 63-25-2 HPLC/UV; OVS-2
Carbitol; PV2013; Partially Validated 111-90-0 GC/FID; CSC
Carbitol Acetate; PV2013; Partially Validated 112-15-2 GC/FID; CSC
Carbofuron; PV2127; Partially Validated 1563-66-2 HPLC/UV; OVS-2
Carbon Black; ID196; Partially Validated 1333-86-4 GRAV; MCEF
Carbon Dioxide; ID172; Fully Validated 124-38-9 TCD; Gas Bag
Carbon Dioxide - Backup (ID172)    
Carbon Monoxide; ID209; Fully Validated 630-08-0 DataLogger
Carbon Monoxide; ID210; Fully Validated 630-08-0 GC/DID; Gas Bag
Carbon Tetrachloride; 7 56-23-5 GC/FID; CSC
Catechol; PV2014; Partially Validated 120-80-9 GC/FID; OVS-7
Cellosolve; 53; Fully Validated 110-80-5 GC/FID; CSC
Cellosolve; 79; Fully Validated 110-80-5 GC/FID; CSC
Cellosolve Acetate; 53; Fully Validated 111-15-9 GC/FID; CSC
Cellosolve Acetate; 79; Fully Validated 111-15-9 GC/FID; CSC
Chlordane; 67; Fully Validated 57-74-9 GC/ECD; OVS-2
Chlorine; ID101; Fully Validated 7782-50-5 ISE; Bubbler with Sulfamic Acid
Chlorine - Backup (ID101)    
Chlorine; ID126SGX; Partially Validated 7782-50-5 Titration; Impinger with Potassium Iodide
Chlorine Dioxide; ID126SGX; Partially Validated 10049-04-4 Titration; Impinger with Potassium Iodide
Chlorine Dioxide; ID202; Fully Validated 10049-04-4 IC; Bubbler with Potassium Iodide
Chlorine Dioxide - Backup (ID202)    
Chloroacetaldehyde; 76; Fully Validated 107-20-0 GC/ECD; Silica Gel
p-Chloroaniline; PV2109; Partially Validated 95-51-2 HPLC/UV; Silica Gel
Chlorobenzene; 7 108-90-7 GC/FID; CSC
Chlorodiphenyl (42% Chlorine); PV2089; Partially Validated 53469-21-9 GC/ECD; OVS-2
Chlorodiphenyl (54% Chlorine); PV2088; Partially Validated 11097-69-1 GC/ECD; OVS-2
Chloroform; 5; Fully Validated 67-66-3 GC/FID; CSC
Chloromethyl Methyl Ether - (CMME); 10; Fully Validated 107-30-2 GC/ECD; 2,4,6-Trichlorophenol
Chloropicrin; PV2103; Partially Validated 76-06-02 GC/ECD; XAD-4
b-Chloroprene; 112; Fully Validated 126-99-8 GC/ECD; Chromosorb 106
Chlorpyrifos; 62; Fully Validated 2921-88-2 GC/FPD; OVS-2
Chromium; ID121Fully Validated 7440-47-3 AA; MCEF
Chromium; ID125GFully Validated 7440-47-3 ICP; MCEF
Chromium, Hexavalent; ID215 Version 2; Fully Validated 18540-29-9 IC/UV-vis; PVC filter (or binderless quartz fiber filter coated with sodium hydroxide for chromium plating only)
Chromium, Hexavalent; W4001; Fully Validated 1333-82-0 IC; PVC or binderless quartz fiber filter
Chromium, Hexavalent; ID215; Fully Validated 18540-29-9 IC/UV-vis; PVC filter
Chromium, Hexavalent; ID103; Fully Validated (Superseded by ID215) 18540-29-9 Polarography; PVC
Chromium, Hexavalent - Backup (ID103)    
Chrysene; 58; Fully Validated 218-01-9 HPLC/FL; GFF
Coal Tar Pitch Volatiles; 58; Fully Validated 65996-93-2 HPLC/FL; GFF
Cobalt; 1006Fully Validated 7440-48-4 ICP/MS; Mixed cellulose ester filter
(0.8 g)
Cobalt; ID121Fully Validated 7440-48-4 AA; MCEF
Cobalt; ID125GFully Validated 7440-48-4 ICP; MCEF
Cobalt; ID213; Fully Validated 7440-48-4 ICP; MCEF
Coke Oven Emissions; 58; Fully Validated 65996-93-2 HPLC/FL; GFF
Combustibility; ID201SG; Partially Validated   Bulk Material
Copper; 1006Fully Validated 7440-50-8 ICP/MS; Mixed cellulose ester filter
(0.8 g)
Copper; ID105Fully Validated 7440-50-8 AAS; Mixed cellulose ester filter
(0.8 g)
Copper; ID121Fully Validated 7440-50-8 AA; MCEF
Copper; ID125GFully Validated 7440-50-8 ICP; MCEF
Copper; ID206Fully Validated 7440-50-8 ICP; MCEF
Co-Ral (Coumaphos); PV2134; Partially Validated 56-72-4 GC/FPD; OVS-2
Cresol (all isomers); 32; Fully Validated 1319-77-3 HPLC/UV; XAD-7
Cristobalite; ID142; Fully Validated 14464-46-1 X-Ray Diffraction; Low Ash PVC with Cyclone
Crotonaldehyde; 81; Fully Validated 123-73-9 HPLC/UV; GFF coated with DNPH
Crufomate; PV2015; Partially Validated 299-86-5 GC/FPD; OVS-2
Crystalline Silica; ID142; Fully Validated 14808-60-7
X-Ray Diffraction; Low Ash PVC with Cyclone
Cumene; PV2137; Partially Validated 98-82-8 GC/FID; CSC
Cyanide Salts; ID120; Fully Validated 74-90-8 ISE-CN; MCEF followed by NaOH impinger
Cyanogen; PV2104; Partially Validated 460-19-5 GC/NPD; XAD-2 coated with 2-HMP
Cyclohexane ; 7 110-82-7 GC/FID; CSC
Cyclohexanol; 7 108-93-0 GC/FID; CSC
Cyclohexanone; 1; Fully Validated 108-94-1 GC/FID; Chromosorb 106
Cyclohexene; 7 110-83-8 GC/FID; CSC
Cyclohexylamine; PV2016; Partially Validated 108-91-8 GC/FID; XAD-7 coated with Phosphoric Acid
Cyclonite (RDX); PV2135; Partially Validated 121-82-4 HPLC/UV; GFF
Cypermethrin; PV2063; Partially Validated 52315-07-8 GC/ECD; OVS-2

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